Train Simulator 2015

Realistic software that lets you try out an array of locomotives


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  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
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A train simulator that is on the right track.

You can buy Train Simulator 2015 on its own, or you can update your 2014 version. The game was greatly anticipated, but reviews of it so far have been mostly negative, and this review is no different because the game is not worth the money you spend on it.

What Does TS2015 Do Right?

There is a fair amount of downloadable content, which may seem like a good thing, but is it fair that they ask you extra money for it, especially when you consider the high prices they charge? The game is pretty easy to understand and start playing right from the start. You are not going to need a big instruction book on how to play, plus, the workshop expands the playtime hugely.

What Have They Done Wrong?

The developers promised a lot of big changes from the 2014 version and they didn’t deliver. A lot of it looks the same, and things such as the 3D clouds or more rain on the screen is hardly noticeable.

Many people say it is not really a simulator since only around five of the buttons in the cab actually work. The frame rate can get pretty bad some times and can dip below 20 because of a lack of multi-core support. The game may even micro-freeze when loading a new tile.

Sounds are very similar from train to train in some cases, the downloadable content is overpriced, and there is a variety of bugs that the developers haven’t bothered to fix. The level of quality differs place to place when you travel, and they force feed you adverts for their downloadable content whenever they can.

The Cost Is Just Too Much

The cost of this game is often higher for a niche area because they need to make their money back with a smaller target audience. This punishes the buyer, and this game takes punishment to a whole new level. No matter where you buy it, the cost is still stupidly high. Get over that fact and you will notice that the core game seems to have fewer trains and tracks--then you realize that the best stuff is attained via the downloadable content, which they charge you extra for. This game is not worth the money you spend.


  • Still an okay train simulator
  • Still the best and only real train simulator on the market
  • A new academy option has been added


  • The worst thing about this game is the cost
  • The update from 2014 is not very good
  • There are too many bugs
  • Adverts for the DLC are annoying
  • The developers don’t seem to have added very much
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